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gamecenter shibuya, lovehotel kabukicho 1/14/08

gamecenter shibuya, lovehotel kabukicho
getting nanpa’d

Nanpa tends to occur on busy streets and other lively public places. Young men stand at the edge of the street and watch passing women. When a woman strikes a man’s fancy, he typically invites her to a cafe or karaoke bar. The evening may finish with a visit to a love hotel, or at least the promise for a second rendezvous. Although it is rare in practice, nanpa is socially acceptable in Japan, and tolerated as a natural youthful indiscretion.

They stand in front of yakiniku joints, because I guess girls like good, thinly sliced meat. Other times it’s just girls idling around in front of the place they want to go to, hoping a guy is willing to open his wallet for them. Sometimes they just cut right to the chase and ask a girl (last time me), “Labu hoteru iku?” which is “you wanna go to a love hotel?” Best way to avoid this is to speak in english, and your hands off, most of the time.

It’s rare for a girl to walk around Shibuya by herself, let alone travel alone in Japan. In one hour I had five guys come up to me, 3 Japanese and 2 foreigners. One ask if I wanted candy and nudged a lollipop toward me.

2007, 2008

2007 2008
Happy New Years!

New Years I will:
1. stay up this year
2. dance in a dress (caved in and bought)
3. drunken, not-so-drunken cab call?

4. make it to the airport by 5 am next morning for japan
5. get a goodnight’s sleep in seat 41A

David Choe 9/21/07

David Choe
Copied and pasted from my mixi:
Wieden Kennedyでグラフィティーショーです。その後私たち5人で晩御飯を食べに行って色々なことを喋ります。デーブの性格はマジで面白い!なんだろう…ここには言えないw

David Choe is one of the most diverse and prolific artists working today. He is one of the youngest artists to ever have solo show at the MOCA. An internationally reknown graffiti artist and cultural icon, he has had his art shown on every surface from canvases to human bodies to third world ,war torn walls, it can be found in every facet of society, from fancy galleries, museums, t-shirts, shoes, movies, billboards, cars, murals, buildings, from New York City to the Congo, Africa to everywhere in between. He’s traveled, train hopped and hitchhiked all over the world many times over spreading his art. Hefs been homeless, he still sells art out of his parents’ garage and his beat up mini van david choe art can be found here

We went to a David Choe and Saber graffiti art show at the Rotture last Wednesday. Things are sometimes best described in pictures, of course in this case, so expect heavy loading. >_<

David Choe and Saber

It was packed… but it felt like a lot of people were there because they knew it was gonna be the cool thing to do. We overheard these guys talking behind us somewhere midway the show, “Hey dude. Do you want to go to Aura now? I got our shirts in the trunk.”

Angry big toe


Monica, Dave, and some girl

Went to the warehouse next to Rotture for a more private tag session.
ƒfƒCƒ”ƒBƒbƒh‚ªŽè— Œ•‚ðŽ‚Á‚Ä‚é‚Ì‚ªD‚«‚Å‚·B

So Dave carries around ninja stars that he got somewhere from his travels. Ninja stars I was throwing at the walls.

It was a long night, but to cut things short, when Kevin went back to his car to drop off his gift for Dave, he found that his car was broken into from the trunk and his mp3 player and my backpack (along with my purse and laptop inside) was jacked. Kevin started making phone calls, to friends, cops, etc…

When Dave heard about this, he came by to me and asked, “Hey I heard what happened and it sounds like you’ve been having a bad day… does this sort of thing happen to you a lot?…
shakes head
“Look, we get premiums for doing these events and I got $200 just to spend and do whatever. I want you to have it.”
“No, no… I can’t take this.”
“I was gonna spend it on strippers anyways…don’t worry.”
Still resisting.
Dave hands it to my friend Monica and asks her to give it me.
She jumps over and stasheÄ it in my belt bag.

A couple text messages later, Kevin texted, “Thank you portland police. Found him” They tracked him down crossing the Morrison bridge. It was the same guy that asked Dave for bus fare money at the gas station right before Kevin called Dave about the break-in. I feel so lucky… how often do you get your stuff stolen and returned?

The funny thing is that I thought lost $200 earlier that day… but then it showed up again when dad found it dropped on the side of the car. And my backpack/laptop/purse came back to me again. And now I have Dave’s $200 stripper money. Dave had another show the next day at Weiden Kennedy. I wanted to go and watch, and to return the money. I’ll write more tomorrow, I’m gonna sleep for a bit now… I think I caught cold. :(