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Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Relief at Union Square, NY

Started yesterday 3/17, going through the weekend from what I heard. They brought their best game piece: cute kids. The Japanese, masterminds of everything cute. Please help.

On the back of the flag I got, there is a list of websites that they recommend to visit:

1. Japan NGO Earthquake Relief and Recovery Fund

2. Japan Society Relief Fund

3. Save the Children

It was the “I’m a Little Teapot” song.

Go forth, little warrior.

Arigatou, warrior-chan.

My janky Totoro needs help too.

gamecenter shibuya, lovehotel kabukicho 1/14/08

gamecenter shibuya, lovehotel kabukicho
getting nanpa’d

Nanpa tends to occur on busy streets and other lively public places. Young men stand at the edge of the street and watch passing women. When a woman strikes a man’s fancy, he typically invites her to a cafe or karaoke bar. The evening may finish with a visit to a love hotel, or at least the promise for a second rendezvous. Although it is rare in practice, nanpa is socially acceptable in Japan, and tolerated as a natural youthful indiscretion.

They stand in front of yakiniku joints, because I guess girls like good, thinly sliced meat. Other times it’s just girls idling around in front of the place they want to go to, hoping a guy is willing to open his wallet for them. Sometimes they just cut right to the chase and ask a girl (last time me), “Labu hoteru iku?” which is “you wanna go to a love hotel?” Best way to avoid this is to speak in english, and your hands off, most of the time.

It’s rare for a girl to walk around Shibuya by herself, let alone travel alone in Japan. In one hour I had five guys come up to me, 3 Japanese and 2 foreigners. One ask if I wanted candy and nudged a lollipop toward me.

Asakusa, Tokyo W07

akemashite omedetou, asakusa p.1

hungry cute kid series

creepy dog series

tied fortune awaits

could be good, very good, regular or bad

if you don’t like your (bad) fortune, tying it back would disperse it

mine… eh

cleanse your hands before you enter

akemashite omedetou, asakusa pt.2