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The Blur That was LV and LA

My friend, Soowhan, had some time off from his residency in Boston and came back to Portland. Originally, we had international plans but instead went with the west coast low-budget trifecta between Portland, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

I’ve known this guy since 7th grade. He’s still an asshole.

Like the last NYC trip, it was come home straight from graveyard shift, speed-packing, and pile onto the plane. I forgot to pack a belt, so being the resourceful scavenger I am, I used black hosiery as a sash. Better than a rope?

It’s actually some fancy TV display that you look into. But I like to think of it as a laser cannon.


Matt and  Andy were my gracious hosts during my time in LA. A month earlier the two drove up from LA to Spokane to deliver a table that Andy designed. It was great having these guys stay at my place during the westcoast venture that I was happy to see them again so soon in LA.

Andy’s woodshop in the loft.

Andy’s Dragon table delivered to Spokane. It has these dome-shaped bumps underneath the table that gives it a wondrous, childlike spontaneity (imagine finding odd shapes and textures underneath the table between bites during dinner) and many legs as if the table were going to get up and runaway. I love this guy. He has the heart of a child.

From his website:

This is me sitting on my 80 Leg table.  I know the table looks great and I look better than normal.  That is because of the styling wizardry of Sybile Kohn who picked out everything from my glasses to shoes and Cheryl Calo, former Miss Connecticut, who did her magic to my frizzy straws like the hairdresser in Jens Lekman’s song “Shirin.”

Riiska Design from Sights & Sounds on Vimeo.

My birthday twin always remind me of Rivers.

Their loft is always fun to stay at. Here is what you would you see on your right in the shower.

Sliding bathroom doors

Andy’s room upstairs.

Soowhan’s friend, Howard, invited us yesterday to play with his dodgeball team, “Let the Wookie Win.”

Everyone was encouraged to wear their team characters. Somewhere around lurked a death star.

It was an impromptu game but luckily I brought my workout gear. Although the bright blue tank wouldn’t help me in being a less visible target.

I was told I was very “artful” when dodging 3+ firing rapid succession speedballs hurtling towards me.

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  1. i saw your balenciaga pics from TPF and found myself at your blog!
    you have such beautiful pictures~~ and i would have never guessed those were pantyhose you used as a belt! very creative ^_^

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