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Osaka-DIGMEOUT w07

Digmeout Cafe
24 hour open
global young art connection from Osaka Japan

“digmeout” is a visual artist excavation project promoted by FM802, an Osaka based radio station.

We felt the need to create a scene of our own,not only for the station’s advertisements, but to expose the art and culture of Osaka, instead of being overwhelmed by the constant flow of Tokyo. FM802 assists young artists, whose medium is often posters, stickers,or magazine illustrations with their publicity.

In July 2001, we published the first Osaka based illustration magazine, “digmeout” and introduced four unknown local artists to the nation and overseas. We recently received offers and inquiries from several international agents and artists. Not only have some of our artists been recognized for their work, but also the activities of digmeout itself have been considered worldwide as a remarkable art and artist-searching project.

In April 2002, we opened “digmeoutCAFE” located at Minami-Horie, Osaka’s trend-setting area. The cafe runs tee-week long art exhibitions and occasionally music events. It also functions as a salon for all various kinds of creators in Osaka.

Digmeout has also collaborated with large corporations, such as Keihan Railway’s MOVING!KYOBASHI campaign, the fashion complex BIGSTEP, and Resona Bank’s Resonart to promote digmeout artists’work. In addition to the search for and promotion of original artists, digmeout recently started an agent and management department “digmeoutFACTORY”.

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Sony Collaboration: ZAnPon models

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