slow wave

LA tracks – 11/07

two sides of the tracks
Just a short break from the Japan series…
This was actually from last November when I visited my friend Matt in LA, or more specifically, the downtown area. Matt does photography and in his spare time likes to be gay with his other guy photography friends, takings pictures of each other and whatnot in dark, secluded areas. The trainyard was one of the places they found so we took advantage of this site and did another silly photoshoot. Every once in a while a train would emerge on the tracks (at a very slow, non-threatening speed) so we’d have to pick up and move out equipment from one track to the other. The lighting underneath the light umbrella was a serendipitous discovery from another silly photoshoot (trying to figure out how to hold a light source when we were short of hands and human lightstands) and we’re happy with the results! Holding the umbrella up with the heavy, clunky light ducktaped to the spokes with one hand and appearing dainty and ladylike (haha) was another. This is just a sample of pictures I’ll put up for now; my poor computer can’t handle lightroom and adobe any longer to process all the pictures. So until I get a new external drive, or more RAM, here is downtown LA:

Photography: Matt Lee
Clothing and silly poses: Thuy and Totoro
Glad News, Rojas, Betsey Johnson (I caved in and bought the dress >_<)

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